Our dental clinic is equipped with a wide range of ultra-modern and high-performance 100% digital devices that improve the functioning of our clinic.

The Planmeca Emrald ™ Intraoral Scanner is a high-precision ultra-fast scanner based on optimizing ergonomics, which makes our scanning task easier. It is very comfortable for the patients thanks to its compact size and light weight. It enables efficient digital acquisitions and incredible precision with a high speed that shortens the scanning session.

The Medit I500 Intraoral Scanner helps us achieving the best results in our field. Its high quality and strong performance allow us to quickly scan our patients' dental prints with an impressive speed. Its flexibility and powder-free system offers smoother sweeping and presents no discomfort for the patient.

This 3D printer is very reliable. It takes care of everything and allows us to focus on realizing our most innovative ideas. Stereolithography makes it possible to manufacture models with very fine details and an artistic design with an impressive quality.

The high-performance of this oven is due to its zirconia frameworks. The objects are placed on beads which limit friction during sintering and guarantee the total absence of defect in the frameworks.

Our Ceramill Mikro 5X milling machine is a very important asset for our clinic. It enables a robust design with great stability without any vibration of the crowns with impressive precision. It is also designed for the realization of complex technical performances using dry machinable materials.

This high-performance scanner offers maximum intelligence, efficiency, precision and flexibility. It also guarantees the user great security. The DNA Speed Scanning feature enables full jaw scanning with endless exploitable results in 18 seconds.

Our clinic is equipped with a 3D CONE BEAM Panoramic Radio, which considerably improves treatment techniques, especially the results of dental procedures. This absolutely irreplaceable machine combines three technologies in one device; it offers a large view of the entire jaw in 3 dimensions, to assess the location of each tooth and follow its development.

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This device is essential for the asepsis chain of the dental instruments and to ensure the biosecurity of our clinic, which is why we have four modern autoclaves. The autoclave sterilizes the instruments at a heat of about 130 °C and using pressurized steam. It has a drying system which ensures total destruction of all living microorganisms, viruses and spores.

This easy-to-use, high-definition Finnish digital sensor provides excellent clinical results. It automatically adjusts the grayscale for a sharp, noise-free image.

This oven is exclusively intended for the baking of dental ceramics with a compact and state-of-the-art design

Mechanized instruments are increasingly replacing manual instruments. They are essential during endodontic treatment (cleaning and preparation of canals). Endo-mechanized tools are more simplified, faster and very flexible. They are made of nickel and titanium and powered by an electric motor.

The Woodpex is one of the latest and most advanced models for the diagnosis and localization of root canals. Its high standard properties make it the best companion for the dentist.